Welcome To Hikari Senpai Studio!


hello all, I am the owner of this blog. you must know me by name “Hikari Senpai”. so let me tell you a little about my daily life in the real world.
I am a normal child, my intelligence is normal. nothing more nor less. I’m only a child born in 1996, precisely in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. I was still in junior high school, grade 3. I was chairman of extracurricular Shorinji Kempo. countless hobby, depending on the mood. sometimes drawing, making poetry, play games, dreaming, listening to music, writing stories, and others. but so far I’m not a child’s multitalented, is not too bright child.
maybe you guys already know, I’m a girl. and also I was single, I do not have a boyfriend. I usually spend my time at the computer, and also training in the dojo. I have many friends, I might include children who exist in school, but still middle class.
My goal is to become a mangaka, illustrator, and housewives. and I do not know what else. I also have dreams can become famous. hahahahahaha! okay, what else can I tell you?
yes I am an easygoing child but a bit limiting intercourse especially promiscuity. hehehehe but I do not put limits on you for providing useful comments.

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