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I will rest for a while

I’m very tired to live my daily life. Continue my project, School and study, exercise, even online. I think i have a place for sleep till tomorrow. Please time, give me one day for rest. I never have my full holiday, My body can’t take it anymore. And my mind feel same as my body.

Because of that, I think so much negative things. I talk so much negative words, i dunno what happen to me. I don’t think i have serious problem but well.. maybe i’m stress. I can’t laugh, I can’t cry, I can’t enjoy, the heart’s so awful. I’m lazy to do anything, even for online. I don’t enjoy it at all.

Listening music, i can’t appreciate it anymore. God what happen to me, i lost my heart as teenager. Sorry guys, but i think i wanna rest for a while and make my mind better than today. And my project, my study or everything. I just wanna stop it for a while. I’ll continue that till i feel better. My mind can’t focus for everything.

Thank you, my best regard. Hikari Senpai

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