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My WIP Project Step!

Hei guys! this is my WIP step! from sketch, inking, toning, but without text okay? hahahahahaha! i made it for long time.. well i don’t know for sure. one week but maybe no~ because i’m just working in weekend and holiday. Yea i’m just junior hight school student who is preparing for final exam. Hope i can pass it!

Okay, now first step! the sketch!

Second step! let us inking the sketch!

Third step! huraay!! inking’s done! but we still don’t have panels!

Fourth Step! okay! we have panels now! inking’s completely done!!! now let us toning!

Last Step! Now we are toning! don’t forget to put screentone! well it’s good!!!we are finish!! huraaay!!

Huh the texts? just please forget about that. huahahahahaha! well how is it? not bad for newbie right? okay thanks for visit this post!

Hikari Senpai

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