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AAAARGH!!!! Make Project!!!

Okay Okay, So Much Homework And Exam Make Me Sick. :(

I just wanna make a project but it’s haard!! I can’t touch my computer for that reason. And weekend i just refreshing and update my blog. And i don’t have standar facilities to make comic. So that’s very hard to make a comic. My Assistants have same condition with me, busy with study. I can’t make it alone *sob

But i will TRY MY BEST!! I don’t wanna lost by another mangaka!! I will do my best now!! I don’t have time for giving up right now!!  Though just little thing i can do for that, i will do!! At least i won’t stuck in there. I WANNA MOVE FORWARD!! AAARGH!!!

Okay, that’s all. Hope i can do it well! Thanks for your attention. ^^ I WILL CONTINUE MY PROJECT!!

Hikari Senpai

One response

  1. as if!

    February 21, 2011 at 12:59 PM

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